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"Warm, friendly, authoritative, energetic, trustworthy, sincere"
Mark Heron

Described as "...silky and authoritative..." - Versatility includes warm and conversational, youthful, fun or strong, upbeat and energetic, and more. I enjoy working with a team to help create the vision whether it's from my booth or from a studio.

Happy to provide auditions for projects whether its natural/conversational, a character, an accent, corporate, promos, narration, or educational. Willing to travel to studios in the local San Diego or So Cal area on very short notice. Zoom, Skype, Bodalgo Call, Source-Connect, or direct phone session available. Out of state travel requires a little more lead time.

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Private Coaching:
• Debi Derryberry Animation/Characters/Advanced VO • N. Hollywood, CA
• Keep It Real Acting (Judy Kain) • Los Angeles, CA
• Promos & Commercial Intensive (Joyce Castellanos) • Studio City, CA
• VO Intensive (Bill Holmes - Voice Over Doctor) • N. Hollywood, CA
• VO Intensive (Beverly Bremers) • Orange County, CA
• Acting/Auditions (Samuel Warren Jr.) • San Diego, CA
• Acting/Film/Theater - Meisner (Pamela Peak) • Orange County, CA
• VO Commercial Intensive - (Tina Morasco) • Los Angeles County, CA

Accent Coaching:
• Allison Moffett • Orange County, CA
• John Windsor-Cunningham • New York, NY

Singing & Vocal:
• Singing Lesson Expert: Rebeca Randle • Oceanside, CA
• Voicercise: Beverly Bremers • Orange County/San Diego, CA

• Dramatic VO Intensive: Joe Lazarov/Debi Derryberry • Virtual
• Accessing Emotion: Cindy Hogan • Orange County, CA
• Promos and Commercials: J.J. Jurgens • Los Angeles, CA
• Commercial Intensive: Voice Actors Network • Burbank, CA
• Network Promos Clinics: Voice Actors Network • Burbank, CA
• Video Game Clinic: Voice Actors Network • Burbank, CA
• Trusting Your Instincts: Voice Actors Network • Burbank, CA
• Animation and Characters: Voice Actors Network • Burbank, CA
• Animation ADR/Looping: Voice Actors Network • Burbank, CA
• Animation and Characters plus ADR/Looping: Ned Lott • Burbank, CA
• Singing in Character: Ned Lott • Burbank, CA
• Auditioning Workshop: Amy Jo Berman • Los Anglees, CA

Improvisation • Orange County, CA

VO Workouts at Voicercise: Beverly Bremers • Orange County/San Diego, CA

Classroom Curriculum @ Del Mar Media Arts • Irvine, CA
Acting for the Microphone
• Radio Commercials, Narration, Industrial and Animation
• Advanced Radio Commercials, Narration, Industrial and Animation.
• Commercials and Spokesperson with Teleprompter and Ear prompter
• Radio theater, Audio Books, Accents and Dialects
• Advanced Animation and Narration
Acting for the Camera
• Television Commercial • Film Acting Techniques • Advanced Film Acting and Production


Voice Over
• Simplified Bible Stories Series (multiple characters) - Branham.Org
• D7 Sanitization - SCN Media
• Available Agent (Film Short) - Professional Hood Entertainment (
• Trailers/Animation - Professional Hood Entertainment (
• The Haunting of Haunted House (Podcasts Drama) - Level 10 TV (
• Podcasts/Presentations (NetEvents, Danone) - Knuckle.TV
• ADR/Corporate/Industrial VO - Skinny Empire
• Voice of GOD - West Coast Professional Talent Showcase
• Opioid PSA - The Behavior Change Agency ( )
• Product/Industrial - Dig It! Media
• Multiple characters, including an animal, on a Scratch Vocal Track for a major animation film that is in development
• Role of "Concerned Boss" in a telephone call for film short TORN in post-production

On Camera
• Steel Will (Film Short) - Eugene Khazin
• The Best Action (Film Short) - Professional Hood Entertainment
• Medical Training Videos - Health Stream
• Data Security Industrial - Charles Schwab
• County Sheriff - Professional Hood Entertainment
• TikTok Ads - Home In One
• Officer/Agent in film short FOR KATE
• Kidnapper in UNSEEN AGENDA
• Medical Training Videos
• HP Thin Client campaign - HP
• HPV PSA - Merck
• ESPN 30 for 30 - Rodman: For Better or Worse
• Opioid PSA - The Behavior Change Agency
• Featured Monk in a 1920s documentary film in development
• Naval Officer/Doctor in a documentary film in development
• Team/Ring Doctor - The Divine Fury
• Diner patron interacting with leading female in film short NIGHTFALL
• Biker gang rider and leader in a documentary film in development
• Living Spaces commercial 4th Of July campaign
• Supporting male role in film short MY VOICES
• Lead male role in short film TRICK OF THE OLD CAT
• Background extra in various fight scenes

Internet Media + Print
• Hewlett Packard Thin Client
• Commercial real estate - The Irvine Company
• ad campaign
• Commercials - product testimonial
• Doctors Ads - HOAG Hospital and Health Care

• Spoon River Anthology - Pamela Peak Productions

Software Design and Architectural Development & Presentations


VO Script Coaching
Singing • Vocal Training
Teleprompter • Ear prompter
ADR • Looping