Louise McCance-Price

Louise McCance-Price

Mitglied seit 8 Jahren •
"Bright, natural, warm and authentic"

Louise McCance-Price is an International English VO with a fresh, authentic and sincere voice. Her voice has been described as "Refreshingly different, youthful, bright natural tones - full of energy."

For more information visit Lu's website www.louisemccance-price.com/voiceover

Lu’s voice over style has been described as genuine, sincere, friendly, soft sell, bright, natural, articulate, easy-to-understand, clear, girl next door, expressive, refreshing, relatable, energetic, character-full, high energy, corporate, business like, relatable, calming, soothing, easy to listen to, youthful, believable and educational.

She is often cast for a wide range of age requirements . . . female child, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's with characterisation of her voice. She has done a lot of amateur acting, singing and dancing.

Lu is a versatile voice talent who is able to self-direct, provide great characterisation and even singing! She always ensures that the client is 100% happy with their voice project.

Lu loves animation - she does voices for video games, cartoons, a plush toy and picture books, as well as children's books.

With Lu's background in the advertising and marketing industry, Information Systems (IT) and having run a Television Production company, she brings a wide range of skills to her voice acting. She is equally at home reading a legal, IT explainer or training video script.

She has an engaging voice for documentaries, tutorials and e-learning, and records and produces audiobooks.

Lu's a presenter of her show, "A Fertile Mind" and newsreader for Riverside Radio in SW London.

Native - English (South African/British) 2nd - Afrikaans (South Africa) conversational - French

British (General), South African (Native English), South African (Afrikaans), American (Mid West)

Middle Aged, Young Adult, Teen, Child

Customer satisfaction is Lu’s priority and her ethos is to partner with her client to ensure that through teamwork, her clients are 100% happy with the final voice files, and delivery is on time and to budget.

Lu’s voice overs are recorded within an acoustically treated Professional Studiobricks Sound Studio. This triple-walled studio enables Lu to provide broadcast quality audio, free from any extraneous noise. Clients are invited to use Skype, Zoom or MS Teams to direct the session, from the comfort of your office.

With Lu’s Television and IT background and with good attention to detail, she makes sure the audio is technically well produced and delivers broadcast quality audio.

* Lu sings, and is also able to provide script editing and proof-reading services.
* Skilled in Audio Production, Lu can tracklay production music and sound effects to create a polished product.
* Lu can also lay back music and voice to video if needed.

Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems. (BCom)

* Co-owner, Director, Executive Producer, Head of Production and IT of an Independent TV Production Company with directing and filming skills.
* Lu has worked as a Business Consultant in Broadcast Television and Information Technology.
* She’s project managed e-commerce enabled websites and IT systems
* Lu’s worked in the Marketing & Advertising Industry.


Training is ongoing!
* VO Coaching with Nancy Wolfson (Braintracks Audio USA)
* Voice Coach Yvonne Morley (London) - character voices
* JP at The Showreel (London) and
* Carter Bellaimey, US-native Dialect Coach
* The City Academy (London) - acting and singing and Chambelles (France) - singing


A selection of clients include:
+ Unilever
+ Qatar Airways
+ Standard Bank
+ ACX Audible/Amazon
+ Canadian Museum of Human Rights (Canada)
+ Wandsworth Council (London, UK)
+ Covenant Communications Inc (USA)
+ Luminode AI
+ Hell Bent Press Audiobooks (USA)
+ Couture Book (USA)


* I produce fully edited and mastered audio files.
* Afrikaans is my 2nd language. I speak conversational French and basic Spanish.
* Singing
* Script editing
* Proof-reading services.
* Tracklay production music and sound effects to create a polished product.