Lindsey Watson

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"Professional Voice Over Actress, from Serious to Whimsical"
Lindsey Watson

Experienced voice over actress, full-time DJ, non-union. I have a home studio with professional equipment and am desirous to accommodate your voice over needs! Since 2016 I have voiced advertisements on a local level for radio, the regional level for television, and the worldwide level for Internet. My full-time work ranges from DJing thirty-two hours weekly to writing, recording, producing, and airing advertisements on a daily basis.

Capable of providing a range of accents and age levels, and able to speak Quebecois (French-Canadian). Quick turn around time!

Apogee MiC Digital Microphone
MacBook 512GB; GarageBand
Soundproofed Home Studio


Radio DJ/Voice Talent/Live Broadcasting; Northern Maine Media; Maine, USA (2016 to Present)

B.A. Joint-Major Honors in English and History; Trent University; Ontario, Canada (2001)

Certificate in Piano Performance Grade 10; Conservatory Canada; Ontario, Canada (2001)

Spending 20 years in Canada, I received an extensive education in the French language (Quebecois).

Regarding my musical talent, I have been a pianist/singer at various churches as well as for private events since 1996, a private piano teacher (1999-2001), recorded a CD (2010), and have a piano performance certificate from Conservatory Canada (London, ON; 2001)

As for my command of the English language, I was the head of a local private school's English Department (2008-2017), putting my voice to extreme use trying to capture and maintain students' interest. Previously, I was a teacher/tutor of many subjects and grade levels (2005-2008). I earned my B.A. Joint-Majors Honors in English and History (Trent University, ON) in 2001.


Being employed full-time at a local radio station since 2016 has helped me mature as a voice over artist/actress, where I write, record, and produce ads daily. I have recorded for advertisers throughout the state of Maine, as well as for McDonald's. Most recently, I completed a tremendously enjoyable project for a startup on Kickstarter in which I provided all the voices (


Some post-production work may be provided, depending on what is requested.

*n.b. Music bed on commercial demo from