Levi Howard

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"Matter-of-fact, nonchalant, modern, satisfying, and sarcastic."
Levi Howard

I have had the pleasure of working with many talented folks with very fun and interesting projects. A lot of those terrific experiences eventually morphed into great relationships with clients whom I still keep in contact with. I will produce terrific, professional, and speedy audio for you while working around your tight budget. I'm reliable and take direction quickly, will help you increase your bottom line with pride, and have fun doing it in a fully committed way.


Lots and lots of studying, perseverance, decisions, reading, tweaking, enunciating, acting, drive, interest, and vocal warm-ups.


Been working in the VO field for about 5 years now. Provided voice-over work for online interactive educations for children, animation, website marketing and advertisements, radio commercials, narrations, and telephone recording systems.


I can sing in a couple/different vocal ranges, and also perform a few funny accents such as a redneck/hillbilly, a stern Russian, wise old Chinese monk, a dumb hunky surfer, and a 70 year old retired smoking flapper woman.