Leslie Wadsworth

Leslie Wadsworth

Mitglied seit 5 Jahren
"Warm, versatile, dynamic, timeless"

I am a seasoned veteran who has worked behind the mic for over 30 years. I can dial into direction easily and have worked across many genres of voice over. I have terrific skills in editing as well, and can deliver your project in a timely professional manner. I truly love what I do.


I've been in the entertainment industry my whole life. My father is a veteran actor who has worked with the greats, and I have had the privilege of being on location with my father throughout his career, learning the craft of acting from the professionals in front of me. I found that I am most comfortable behind the mic, and continue to take classes to improve my skills. My voice coaches include Marice Tobias, Nancy Wolfson, Jodi Gottlieb, Jeff Howell , Mary Lynn Wissner and countless others.


I have been the voice for Cisco for over 20 years. I actually have several long term clients that I have built up through the years and am very proud of that. I record from my Broadcast ready studio several times a week. Voice Over Acting is what I do for a living. Referrals upon request.


I am proficient in Pro-Tools. I am not an engineer, but I can edit and post projects quickly and efficiently. I have personally produced over 7 audio books.