Kitty Kelly

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"Clear, friendly, confident London voice"
Kitty Kelly

My natural read is clear, friendly and confident, with a London/Estuary accent.

I can adapt my voice to fit the requirements of the project, making it more energetic, sophisticated or soothing, for instance, as well as more RP or London.

I have a highly versatile sound that suits all types of voice-over work; working mainly as a professional audiobook narrator, I am comfortable with adjusting my voice to fit various genres, tones, emotions and characters.


Drama Studio London - 1 Year Diploma in Professional Acting


I work primarily as an audiobook narrator from my home studio, recording mostly female fiction (romance, rom-coms and comedy) and children’s literature.

My narration style is conversational, engaging and candid, and I like to give my characters distinctive voices that reflect their personalities. I have now voiced hundreds of different characters, covering various accents and ages.

I have worked for publishers such as Harper Collins and Bolinda, as well as independent authors.

Audible reviews:

“Kitty Kelly is a talented narrator and voice artist. She brings the characters to life, gives each their own voice and personality as well as heart and entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to”

“Kitty Kelly does a great job narrating this book and her accents are on point”

“It will make you laugh out loud but also cry real tears...narrated wonderfully”

“Easy listening. The narrator read as I would speak, and I enjoyed it immensely”

“I really enjoyed this listen and found Kitty Kelly to be the perfect voice for this book. She adds the right emotions to her performance.”

“Great narration, it really brought this story to life, I enjoyed it so much. I love the accent and the British sayings, it was lots of fun!”

“The narrator does a great job of conveying the writer’s feelings.“

I have also recorded a number of dubbing projects with VoiceArchive, and have started recording radio commercials - most recently for Accident Injury Helpline, as well as working on some radio demos for Hay’s Travel.


I can sing well and my voice covers the mezzo-soprano and alto ranges.

Accents include: American-Southern States, American-Standard, Australian, Central Scottish, Cockney, East European, Essex, Hull, Irish-Southern, Lancashire, Multicultural London English (MLE), RP, West Country & Yorkshire.