Kiara Rav

Kiara Rav

Mitglied seit 3 Jahren •
"REAL KID, REAL CHILD Bright, Expressive, Articulate, Musical"

REAL KID, REAL CHILD Bright, Expressive, Articulate, Musical, Experienced!

Kiara is managed, coached and audio produced by her professional VO father, Rob Drex. Kiara can do ages 3 to 15 FEMALE and MALE voices, she sings **great** and does a huge variety of voice over projects (but please, no adult or overtly religious scripts - she doesn't do that stuff!) she speaks 4 languages, 3 as 'mother tongue' - Swiss German, High German and North American English and conversational Portuguese.

Kiara is recorded in a soundproofed home studio with the possibility of several different mics - one being a Lewitt DGT 450 and is audio engineered by Rob to the specifications o the client.


Kiara has over 3 years professional experience having been trained and managed by her professional VO father. She is multilingual and has had training in articulation in both High German and English (neutral)


Kiara has done a huge variety of VO projects from promotions to Engish Learning, from documentary VO to regular singing in both German and English for numerous clients all over the world. She narrates audiobook stories, has done IN FLIGHT announcements for Pobeda Airlines, video VO for corporate presentations, video game characters, app voices, Alexa Skills and more.


With her father's audio engineering help, Kiara can read as a GIRL or a BOY voice - singing too. Kiara does multiple boy and girl characters a well.