Kevin Lowney

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"Sincere and jovial with a background in acting and announcing"
Kevin Lowney

I've performed in theater most of my life. I've been on the radio since 2004. I've spent most of the past decades the production director at the stations where I've worked and, as such, have been in and produced thousands of different radio commercials.

I've been in video games, animated shorts, tutorials, voice mails, IVRs (press 4, now) and radio dramas. I've played captains, lawn ornaments, a man weeping at the depreciating cost of his vehicle, dogs, dads, kids - I haven't played EVERY character, yet, because I' love to see what YOU have waiting for me


Graduated, with honors, from The New England Institute of Art, 2004


25 years' live theater experience

12 years' radio production experience

Currently, there are over 750 clients in my production folder. Most of them are repeat clients. I'm sure I have several hundred more in my backup folder.


Aside from a multitude of character and announcer voices, I am a very proficient audio editor, if required.

I'm also an experienced copywriter