Katie Stallworthy

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"A voice that takes you there. Bright. Trustworthy. Playful."

From a very early age, I learnt to close my mouth, and listen. I would watch, observe. I have always put listening above talking. Why then, choose a career in voice over? Because if you want to know how to connect with people, if you want to understand where people are coming from, if you want to be heard? You must, at first, listen.


Need someone to pick up a script and just 'get it'? Want to be able to change the tone, pace or character of a read? My degree in Drama and Theatre Arts enables me to do all of this and more. I wasn't a teacher for 15 years without learning how to use my voice to connect, inspire and empower, not to mention honing vital skills such as planning, organisation and being well oiled in the art of 'spinning plates'! I'm a mother of two small boys and have therefore 7 x 365 days+ worth of story telling experience too. I'm a Gravy for the Brain member and have completed courses in commercial VoiceOver, home studio set up and ear training to name but a few. I'm always getting involved in webinars and events to keep my training up to date and current.


I recently provided a voice over for Sutton House stories, a mixed reality project for The National Trust and I have also narrated a museum guide for the Slater Memorial Museum in Connecticut. I've played Janna (Star Wars) and Jennifer (Black Lightning's daughter!) in a couple of lego animations and have provided the voice for a range of corporate videos from Skillsoft to AACSB. I'm currently working on a project for Mecca Bingo.


I can speak German to A-level standard and can edit audio to a good standard.