Katerina Tana

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"Warm, Intelligent, Witty, and Sexy."

I was born in Los Angeles, raised in London, UK, and on the Adriatic coast.

I am a transformational actor, with a tremendous range of characterization at my disposal. I have acted for 30 years.
Having grown up as an American in the UK, I have a high facility with the range of accents in both versions of English. Mid- Atlantic accent is sublime.

I also speak an array of European languages.

I have a solid literary background (BA HONs. University of YORK, UK, in English and French Literature) and audiobooks are a natural for me.

I love to give life to the written word whether it is to share knowledge, sell a product or convince someone of something important.


I trained as an actor in London at Arts Educational School, and worked in the theatre, tv and film subsequently.

After relocating the United States as an adult, I studied VO in Los Angeles, with Edge Studio for Commercial, Bob Bergen for Animation and Dan Lenard for Everything Else!


I have developed my VO career in earnest over the past couple of years, and have worked professionally on Podcasts and Documentaries up till now.

I was invited to the Penguin Random House pool of Audiobooks artists since January 2020, now called AHAB.


I am a terrific actress.

I can sing in a couple languages, and speak English in a wide range of both UK and American accents.

I speak French, Italian and Serbian as well.