KariAnn Assur

KariAnn Assur

Mitglied seit 7 Jahren
"The voice with heart, genuineness and versatility!"

KariAnn is passionate about voiceover work. You will enjoy her enthusiastic approach to VO the moment you interact with her. You can hear her smile, caring and corporate edge when she speaks. Or if you need joyful, serious, sexy, a touch of whimsy, or a craggy old man voice - look no further. Versatility is a given with KariAnn's performance, and she is not one to shy away from a challenge! 70 year old woman? Warrior princess in the heat of battle? Animated snail with a headcold? Not a problem.

KariAnn's voice has been described as: Corporate, comforting, relaxed, motherly, maternal, whimsical, edgy, friendly, girl-next-door, sultry, mysterious, teacher, animated, energetic, fun, happy, serious, concerned, emotive, funny, unique, smooth, clear, versatile. Her character voices range from cute to menacing, and everything in between.

KariAnn is frequently hired for internet ads, radio spots, TV commercials, sizzle reels, B2B marketing videos, conference videos, VOG (Voice of God), explainer videos, how-to videos, video games, narration, and promotional videos.

As KariAnn's client, you can expect excellent communication, personable service, and a professional voice recording to make your project shine! Your satisfaction is her priority.

KariAnn spent over 15 years as a Marketing Manager, and she brings her experience to the VO work she provides. She understands scope creep, clients needing to try a different angle mid-project, the need for pick-ups and re-takes, and copy editing. KariAnn will collaborate with you to provide the right VO services to get you to the finish line.


- Voicemail greetings and telephony menu items for mid-size corporations.
- Emceed reunions, corporate events, and other mid-sized to large events.
- Seminar presenter, trainer, speaker.
KariAnn started experimenting with voice work years ago in the corporate arena, mostly recording on hold messages. She has also emcee'd a variety of events, large and small, presented seminars and trainings, and has been invited as a speaker for various platforms, ranging from private to public-facing.

It's clear that KariAnn loves her job! She's now recorded TV and radio commercials, video games, e-learning, movie theater policy trailers, marketing videos, sizzle reels, character voices, explainer videos, internet ads, among others. Every day is a new project, a new voice, a new audition, a new client, and she never tires of it. She has a well-known VO artist personally mentoring her, and also frequently hones her craft through online webinars , and training sessions provided through Gravy for the Brain's OneVoice offerings.

As an actor in theater and performing in the past, she has always had a natural flair for the dramatic. She continues to perform onstage, as well as instruct and direct youth theater.


Among others, She has most recently been provided VO for ...

- a policy trailer for AMC movie theaters
- a high-powered explainer video for the Timeplay app
- an e-learning module for 4th graders (a 2-year project)
- a corporate sizzle reel
- a radio ad for a health clinic
- a TV commercial for high-end office design solutions

A short list of selected clients includes...
- Dell
- Avaya
- Stanford Children’s Health
- CeraVe
- Custer Inc.
- Accenture Federal Services
- Timeplay
- Snowcastle videogame: “Earthlock: Festival of Magic”
- Gita Jewelry


KariAnn provide clean recordings to clients, delivered via WAV format (or others upon client request).

She can also provide copy editing services, and basic post-production (music tracks, vocal effects) for an additional fee.