Karen Osborne

Karen Osborne

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"Smooth, warm, professional, genuine, down-to-earth, classy"

Real, genuine, grounded, natural, sincere, trustworthy, compassionate, reassuring, inspiring, thoughtful, down to earth, warm, smooth, soothing, rich, confident, intelligent, professional, sophisticated, sassy, urban, ethnic, african-american, courage-of-convictions, strong, Jamaican.
As a trial lawyer for the past 15 years, I've mastered the art of presenting, persuading & performing with my voice.

Additionally, throughout my life, I've been involved in the arts recreationally: singing and performing in various theatrical productions.

The mom in me naturally nurtures, soothes and comforts.

The lawyer in me gets the job done correctly, efficiently & professionally.

Whatever your project, you can count on me to bring my best game and deliver what you need.


Voice Over Training:
Kalmenson & Kalmenson- Foundations I & II, Promos
Aliso Creek Voice Over Workshop/One-on-One Coaching
M.J. Lallo- Commercial VO Workshop
Mike Elmore/Voices for All- VO Seminar
Cheryllyn Carter: Actors Creative Workshop
Voicecaster: Intermediate VO


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