Karen Allen

Karen Allen

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"Light, warm, friendly and informative - I'm your girl!"

I have a special style, light but warm and easy to listen to. My voice is welcoming and up-beat, informative and friendly. Excellent pronunciation and a clear British accent. I'm particularly suited to telephone IVR, documentary and e-learning reads. I can keep a listener interested. I take direction well, but am also able to improvise.


VO Focus at The Voiceover Gallery, Manchester - trained by Ross Grant and MaryLou Thistleton-Smith
BA Hons Theatre Acting , Bretton Hall University


2020 Smart Formations Website Tutorials -Subir Ghosh Roy
2020 ‘Pathogenesis of Psoriasis’ Science Animation Vo -Blue Zoo
2020 Sanofi Ips E-Learning Programme -TalentQuest
2020 Z Connect Explainer- Mazhar Abbas
2020 Jetpetglobal Ivr Messages -Full Circle
2020 Key2Clean Ivr Messages -Full Circle
2020 How To Use Powerpoint- Course Marvels
2020 Wabtec E-Learning -TalentQuest
2020 Cisco E-Learning Programmes -TalentQuest
2020 Nestle Icp Training Programme- TalentQuest
2020 Nestle - E-Learning Various Programmes -TalentQuest
2020 Playmaster Ivr Ad -SmartTel Plus PLC
2020 Goodwin Casino -SmartTel Plus PLC
2020 Dafabet Ivr =SmartTel Plus PLC
2020 Visit Bridlington Commercial -Equinox TV
2020 Polident Commercial - Voiise
2019-2020 Polaris IVR
2019 Agile Acoustics IVR
2019 Music Electronic Fest Jingle -MRC
2019 Trance Life Radio Jingle - MRC
2019 SummerSouls PD Radio Jingle - MRC
2019 Awning Bargains Commercial
2019 Sale Now On (Room To Grow) Commercial
2019 AVIandCo.com - Dan Globus, The Compassion Centre
2019 Mahiki -Ian Cunningham
2019 VSL Lotus habits Green Juice x2
2019 Saphhire Del Mar Vacation Rental Video
2019 Channel 4 Ident - MyBuilder.com Fin
2019 Supply Chain - Mark Nayar
2019 RPA Learning Course Objectives-Unilever
2019 SAICA Reviewer Training (south African Institute of Chartered Accountants
2018 Evexia Investor
2018 Gradian CCV - Narrator
2018 'The Navigator Company' , Narrator- Viverios
2018 Gamatech Introductory Video
2018, Rug Doctor Commercial and Deep Carpet Cleaner Commercial
2018 University of Salford (Acoustics, Audio and Video Course) Open Day ad Sept 2018
2018, Narrator/customer/colleague, E-LEARNING PROJECT, Harish Shanbhogue
2018 Reminderwatch, Moses Faleafaga
2018 25 Years Of Solitude (Audio Book), Manoel Junior
2018 Animate Your Science, Tullio Rossi
2018 Heritage (Jonson And Jonson Caring Crowd), Motioncue, Osama Khabab
2018 Uroshield, Starbug Llc, Moeen Waqar
2018 Rotherham It (Nhs), Beach Design, Jane Mason
2018 Wrinkly Rock Radio - 'Sexy Voice', Wrinkly Rock, Clive 'Clumpton Wick'
2018 Telephone Ivr Message, The Hunt Group, Saudi Arabia
2018 A World Of Disruption - Challenges Facing New Start-Ups, Mark Plot
2018 20% Discount, Notfm Yay Ve Prd Ltd Sti, Hakan Emren
2018 Qapp, Motioncue, Osama Khabab
2018 Gentium Healthcare, Shaimaa Shal
2018 Ivr, Avitas, Avitas
2018 Infacol Commercial X2, Orbital Media, Dominic Noble
2018 Kindergarten School - English Learning Project For Kids, Joyous Publishing House, Hong Kong


I have an Aston Origin Mic, Scarlet 2i2, Macbook Air and currently use Audacity and Studio One