Justine Zoanni

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"Can be deep, rich, resonant, articulate, or light/upbeat!"

In combination with 26 years of vocal performance and formal vocal training, as well as professional voice over training through SAV, I have been blessed with 12 years of experience as a medical language specialist, having worked in medical transcription. This equates to approximately 69,120 hours listening to healthcare professional, doctors, and surgeons dictate their work and documenting it for them in hospitals nationwide, including Stanford University. I can provide medical narration for any project including advanced medical language projects.

Through my vocal training, yoga became a very big part of my life and I pre-programmed a bit for meditative pieces/content.

I can also provide jingle and singing services in a large variety of styles. What makes my work unique is my ability to be natural, conversational but articulate. I also have a very good ear which certainly does help! Because of my extensive vocal training, my voice does not tire easily; on the contrary, I can narrate for long periods of time. I take direction well and think very quickly on my feet. I listen carefully to my work, but more importantly, to client direction and preference.


I learned my voice over skills through SAV (Such a Voice) as well as rigid classical vocal training in annunciation, technique and performance which I have had the opportunity to hone over a period of 26 years. I play guitar and piano as well. I also taught beginner piano lessons and voice lessons, which always involve recording and listening. Recording comes second nature to me, now I am looking forward to honing my skills further ..


My biggest achievements so far have been to master my editing skills, recording skills, and time management. Before I started my voice over training, I also did many, many online webinars (training) Powerpoints as well as videos for training purposes. I wrote the content as well as provided the voice. I found it came very naturally because of my vocal training and I had the opportunity to hone those skills. Much of my trainings were motivational content oriented. I have completed one political commercial to date.


I can sing and pride myself in stellar communication with those I work with. I work like a team player! I listen carefully, which allows me to take direction well and I ask questions so that I understand what is asked of me to deliver in a timely manner.