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"Wide Range with energy and purpose, clean and pops"

I have a wide range of voices that i can present to the talent director, the ability to pivot, or take direction without ego. My goal is to bring the script/character to life in a way that allows the listener to instantly connect. In my mind as an actor I must take into account my audience and their state of mind relative to our mutual goal of a sale or entertainment - both are valid


I had the great pleasure to work with Rob Holt at Voice Box studio's in Narberth PA. We instantly connected with our passion for voice acting and as it turned out, musicians. I have acted on and off in my late teens to late 20's as an extra and loved it. Years of being on stage either as a drummer, bassist, guitarist, or singer have allowed me to take on the good and certainly the bad. Acting in college and of course college radio/tv/theater is where this all started. Today i am different man with a business and a passion.


You mentioned professionals only, i am, you would have to decide if you will pair me with a client who understands that i am trained and new. I won't run away from the truth.


I can compose original music, sing in a tenor range, sing and play guitar (which some can't do), compose lyrics, character voices, i have some impressions in my mix but don't call me Rich Little. He was the first that came to mind for some reason. I used to be fluent in French when i lived in France but i am still pretty sharp these days. Music and Language are my loves.