Jonathan Horne

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"An expressive warm voice with a youthful tone!"
Jonathan Horne

I've had the privilege of performing a wide variety of voice over work in areas like commercials, animation, video games, audiobooks, corporate training, and even YouTube videos. My voice is deep, friendly, warm, engaging yet I'm not afraid to flip the script and play the bad guy as well. Every voice over project is an adventure and I love to tell the story that captures the imagination of the listener.


I've had training since I was 7 ( I am now 26) in public speaking, presentations, and extemporaneous speech. In more recent years I have also involved myself in work sessions with voiceover coach Marc Preston, enrolled training created by Bill DeWees and several other working voice talents. It's incredibly important to continue honing my skills and performance so I always look to get coaching and practice my art very regularly.


Recently I partnered with a French Youtube channel to dub their comedic parodies into English. I've even done some commercial voice over work for an NBA team! I have also recorded the webinar explanations for a company called EPLAN which creates software frameworks for industrial electrical panel design.


I can perform in a variety of accents including Jamaican and most Urban East Cost accents with a youthful African American style delivery.