Jon Paul

Jon Paul

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"British RP, youthful, vibrant, energetic and professional"

I have an authentic youthful toned British accent, often referred to as ‘Received Pronunciation’(RP) Southern or Neutral British accent.

I would be classed as your approachable, sensible friend or younger intelligent brother.

I have experience in dubbing, animation, e-learning and narration.

I also enjoy character development and improvisation script opportunities.


- CPD with local and international Improv theatre houses
- Northern American Accent training (on-going)


5 years experience working with client in Europe, Middle East and North America.

Thus far used for a major razor campaign in Northern Mena region, a International fruit brand for Middle East summer promo for 2 years and Corporate videos for Emirates NBD bank.

Notable other clients are:- Jaguar, BMW/Mini, Road transport Authority, Farah Leisure and Serco Int.


Improv with sample scripts, script editing, and common english familiarisations script editing.

Can produce/finish vocals to professional standard(voice over only) and small narration projects (6000 words or less)