Johnny Mindlin

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"Story telling, warm, clear and engaging"

I tell stories. I bring the listener along with me. If you want to educate, influence and spread information, I'm your man. Mid-soft-sell on a very person-to-person basis.
I can do the shouty, "Voice Of God" so, if you want that, I'll do that too.


2 years' drama school, speech radio presenter. 30 years of voicework.


You can hear my voice on internal training at Pearson, Dell, Kraft, Oxfam, the UNODC, UK government departments and little outfits and small companies. Also audio books, like The Crudmunchers by Maya Hornick. And I'm the voice of the dragon (ADR) in Jim Button and Luke The Engine Driver (English version).


I have full post-production services, based on my own training at BBC radio.
This includes to picture and ADR