John DiGiorgio

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"Voice-Over actor with rich Bass voice and tremendous versatility"
John DiGiorgio

John DiGiorgio is a Voice-Over, Film, TV, Commercial and Theater Actor. John is an extremely versatile Character Actor, with the ability to do over 30 flawless accents, dialects & impressions along with a booming Bass voice, and professional singing experience in styles ranging from contemporary and Musical Theater to Opera. In addition, John is part of an Improve Comedy group, performing Improv, Stand-up & Skit Comedy. He has the ability to play anything from imposing villains & authority figures to large comedic or endearing characters. His flexible vocal style can easily be adapted for everything from Commercial and Audio Book work to more character based work such as Video Games, Animation and everything in-between.


Voice-Over, Vocal, Improve Comedy, and extensive classical acting training. John attended Adelphi University in NY, where he began his formal training, which has continued through the decades with various programs and instructors focused on everything from traditional Voice-Over coaching to extensive Musical Theater and and Improvisational Comedy training.


John has worked professionally as a Voice-Over, Film/Television and Theater actor. Clients/Credits include Seagrams, Google and many of the top production companies in Film and Television as well as work for many smaller companies. His present focus is on Voice-Over, where he uses his vast and extensive on Stage/Camera experience to bring the many characters that he portrays to life through his Voice.


Special skills include his skills as a true character actor with the ability to do over 30 flawless accents, dialects & impressions, a Rich Bass voice with professional singing experience in styles ranging from Contemporary and Musical Theater to Opera and experience on stage with Improvisational, Stand-up and Skit comedy as well as extensive Musical Theater experience.