Joe Grimm

Joe Grimm

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"Professional, warm & deep for narrations, friendly, smooth"

I have a large range at which I can read copy (this comes from my singing career) I can be: professional, sophisticated, ordinary, regional, excited, concerned, serious, neighborly, full of fun, sense of humor, goofy, orator, lecturer, speaker, talker, lively, haunted, interested, obsessed, preoccupied, cordial, chummy, amiable, real, and conversational, Warm and deep for narrations, friendly, smooth and professional for presentations, believable, versatile, large range, fun, exciting, serious, concerned, caring, guy next door, characters, conversational, sense of humor, radio announcer, family man, dad, crazy, light and airy, solid.


I took the Big Voice Productions vo course and have attended online seminars. I continue to attend webinars and meetings to keep current in the VO market. I was lead singer in a rock band for 25+ years and am currently in 5 new bands as singer and part-time guitar player. I have worked at our family owned animal hospital for 40 years where I have acquired a large range of people skills and attitudes. I really enjoy doing voice overs and I am dedicated to providing a professional, top quality audio experience for the voice seeker.


I am the voice of the Chicago Trolley Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour and the Blithewold Mansion and Garden walking tours. I recorded an audio tour for VMFA (Virginia Musuem of Fine Art) and I just finished a national ad with Jacuzzi. I started working with a wonderful organization called "Living Beyond Boundaries" over a year ago. I recorded, edited and produced a PSA for the Automobile Safety Foundation in the US and I recorded and produced an introduction/presentation for the ILSB international contest. I recorded quotes for a few different documentaries that have aired on The History Channel. I recorded 2 big projects for PanBlast and I voiced a book trailer call "The Last Witness" by author Glenn Meade that is on the Simon & Schuster website as well as the author's website. I recorded TV announcer ads for the DeMontrond Auto Group in Houston, TX and have instructional videos for companies in Canada and the US. I have taglines airing for original TV shows on the High TV 3D website in China. I have recently voiced a couple of Timken scripts and a Chili's spot. I have voiced radio spots in the U.S., China and England. I have recorded several seminar spots on 104.9 The River, a Christian radio station in Columbus, OH, radio ads, other radio ads that air nationally as well as internationally for Genesis Communications Network (GCN), Oil of Oregano spot, testimonial spot for "Of the Field". I have clients in the United States, Australia, England, Finland, Brazil, China and other countries.


I have been a singer for 40 years with a large range. I can also provide copywriting, editing and production as well as provide royalty-free music and/or sound effects to any project. I have voiced, edited and produced short videos for the non-profit Living Beyond Boundaries in CA and a PSA for the Automobile Safety Foundation. I also voice, edited, and produced a VSL for a product called Kill Binary.