Joanna Teljeur

Joanna Teljeur

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"Soft, warm, inviting, high-end, seductive, soothing, sweet"

I've been recording professionally since 2003, and I’ve been working as a VO artist independently since 2010 in my home studio. I'm currently a Professional Member of
To date, I have voiced commercials for TV and radio, documentaries, corporate training videos, web videos, digital marketing material for sites including Pandora, corporate marketing materials, audio tours, instructional video and audio, cartoons, video games, and from time to time I sing back-up vocals and other short recordings used for sampling.

My clients tell me that I'm one of the most pleasant talents to work with because I consistently provide high quality work that is always on time and delivered quickly. I love taking direction and welcome the chance to expand my range with a variety of character voices, deliveries and tone.


I graduated with a BA in Theatre Studies from University of California, Berkeley. After graduating, I began to pursue a career as a dance critic, but eventually landed in broadcasting where I worked in programming, as a creative director, a producer, a writer, and along the way I voiced loads of spots.

In short: I have a wealth of training as an actress from my years at university where I studied acting and directing. I learned voice over first hand from working in various positions in radio and TV and later as a freelancer.


I've recorded countless radio and TV commercials and promos that air nationally and internationally for brands including Ekornes/Stressless and Adam & Eve. My corporate clients are in the US and abroad. The material has been used internally (Novartis training video) and for marketing purposes (Ericsson, Tombras). You can see a full list of my clients at


I have 10+ years of experience writing professionally and working as a creative professional. I have written for TV, radio, for internal corporate training videos, blogs, web content, short stories, as well as provided idea generation for dozens of organizations.

You can see more about my other work at