Jim Willison

Jim Willison

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"A professional voice for your story."

I'm a proficient, trained and skilled talent with a voice that attains and retains attention. I excel in financial, institutional, friendly and specialized reads. I'm a long time business owner easy to work with and coach. Reliable consistent sound.

The equipment is professional and the environment quiet. I will deliver the same, consistent sound every time.
American Male | Neutral English | Range 30-65 | Non-Union
Voice Description: Friendly, Professional, Trustworthy, Authoritative, Relaxed, Guy Next Door, Clear, Caring, calm, warm delivery.


Training (and lots of it) from the "best in the biz..."
“Uncle Roy” Yokelson
J. Michael Collins
Joe Loesch
Tommy Griffiths
David Tyler
Sound Advice
Kate McClanaghan
Jeff Finney
Edge Studio
Bill DeWeese


I've done a tremendous amount of work that you've never heard of. I've done lots of unglamourous stuff for a very long time. Yea, I've done work for Cub Cadet, Toro Ag Business, Hooser Lottery, and others, but mostly its projects that need a professional voice with great delivery and equipment. I'll deliver this level of professionalism to you too!


Nothing special. Simply great, reliable, consistent, professional work every day.