Jill Colangelo

Jill Colangelo

Mitglied seit 3 Jahren
"Intimate, Soothing, Sexy w/Professional Studio"

I am good at making your heart soar. My voice is sensual and crackling, emotional and moving. If you're looking for someone to bring heat, comfort, and drama...if you want to send a message that the audience won't forget, I am the one. I've done films, documentaries, national, and local campaigns for brands like Alex and Ani. I love giving people goosebumps and I've been told that I deliver them every time! Lucky enough to be married to a music composer and sound engineer, I have a full professional studio in our home. I can provide the absolute top quality and in a very short turn-around.


My cousin is a very famous voice over actor with more credits than I (or she) can count. I have listened to her advice and learned from her 40-year career. Aside from that, I have been coached by my husband who has over 25 years of producing radio and television spots, music and sound for films and documentaries, etc.


Highlights include: Alex and Ani (local and national), The Paper Store, Rhode Island Department of Transportation (Emmy-nominated campaign), Eric Latek (Filmmaker) "Branch", Francesco Colangelo (Filmmaker) "Once in My Life"


In-house we can manage everything from music composition and sound effects to post-production and sound engineering.