Jessica Wachsman

Jessica Wachsman

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"taking the blah out of blah blah blah"

Whether it's the friendly, energetic sound of the girl next door, a pensive, introspective read, or anything in between, Jess will easily give you the perfect voice for your project that is anything but blah. Jess is known and hired for her enormous vocal range, professionalism, great sense of timing, comedy and ad-libbing. Jessica's voice has been featured in hundreds of TV and radio commercials, video games, feature films, radio stations, websites,animated projects, telephone greetings, cartoon – you name it. See for more.


Jessica's voice has been featured in TV and radio commercials, video games, feature films, websites, animated projects, telephone greetings, cartoons, audiobooks, GPS systems, corporate presentations - - just about everything you can think of.


MTV, Ralph Lauren, Hilton Hotels, Comcast, Smucker’s, Guess, McDonald’s, SuperPretzel, Olive Garden, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Levi Strauss (for Target), Pittsburgh Penguins, Pampers, Lord & Taylor, Honeycombs Cereal, March of Dimes, Smokey Bones Barbecue and Grill, Vera Bradley, Burger King,
360 Double Chocolate Vodka, Oral B, Curves Gym, BellSouth, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Washington Mutual, Zeigler’s Cider, Pizza Hut, Guess, Meijer, Chase
Bank, Kourtney and Khloe take Miami, Adidas, FedEx, Keurig, Corona, Giant Eagle, Domino’s Pizza, Planet Fitness.

Microsoft, Old Navy, Barnes and Noble (for Nook), Disney, Axe Body Spray, Playmates Toys, GPS Vehicle Navigational System, Harlequin Publishing,
Pearson Education, Kroger Supermarkets, Koos Manufacturing/Adriano Goldschmied, IBM, Cabbage Patch Kids, Maybelline, Google, Samsung,
American Greetings online cards, Kohl’s, Mother Nature Network, American Eagle, Vitamin Shoppe, Busch Gardens, Pampers, Bed Bath & Beyond, KFC.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2, Metal Slug 3D, Pokemon, Mio Mao, Immortal Cities: Children of the
Nile,, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Scotty Chase: 2075.

Pop Profiles (ongoing series) - for Fuse Network, Sextistics - for The Learning Channel.

TELEPHONE/IVR/RADIO IMAGING, ETC. - available upon request