Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor

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"Classic, authoritative, smooth, credible & trustworthy"

Thanks for stopping by! If this is your first time hiring for voiceover, I'll put you at ease with my down-to-earth personality, will happily answer questions and make helpful suggestions. If you've hired a voice artist a hundred times, I'll delight you with my ability to follow your lead and do the work.

My vocal age ranges between 25-40, with a smart, contemporary, bright and playful sound. A touch of vocal texture adds depth and realness. I've got everything you need in an American and accent and nothing you don't! I shine when it comes to taking direction, and have a sixth sense for understanding what it is people want. My keen intuition and gut instincts fuel my #creative process, and I'm ready to take risks to get the read right. I'm happy to self-direct or we can do it live over Skype, Source Connect or phone patch.

Personalized, responsive and reliable service as well as competitive prices. I will ask a handful of clarifying questions at the outset so that we get it right the first time. In most cases, I will turn your project around in 24-hours. Whether you're bringing me a 1-minute or 90-minute script, your job is important to me. I develop long-term relationships with my clients so that we can create great things time and time again.

You can expect top-notch sound quality from my dedicated, personal #studio. The voiceover will be spot-on in attitude, tone, pace and energy - taken right from your direction. Reach out by email at or visit my website to learn more.


Nancy Wolfson, commercial
Marc Cashman, commercial
J. Michael Collins, eLearning
Larry Hudson, commercial and audio editing
Julie Williams, medical narration
Tia Marlier, commercial and corporate narration
Andrew Verner, audiobooks
Roy Yokelson, audio editing


As a full-time voiceover artist, my work is focused in commercials for TV, radio and web as well as corporate work for explainers and eLearning. I work regularly on production company rosters and have national representation with multiple agencies. I'm appreciative of all work and am thrilled to have been used for National campaigns, as well as little local gigs. I'm quick on my feet, a breeze to direct, responsive and reliable. I've coached with the best commercial coaches in the industry.

Recent clients include:

✔️ NBC Universal
✔️ NatureMade
✔️ IBM
✔️ United Airlines
✔️ Adidas
✔️ Takeda
✔️ Mayo Clinic
✔️ Bobo's Oat Bars
✔️ Securitas
✔️ Performance Brands
✔️ Hotshot Software


I have a fully-outfitted, professional studio. I am capable of delivering broadcast quality tracks with fast turnaround, and am always open to live collaboration with clients who prefer a directed session. Available via ipDTL, Source Connect (jtaylorVO), phone patch, Skype, Zoom, Bodalgo Call...or whatever else you can come up with.