Jeremy Durm

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"Confident. Comfortable. Conversational. Bold"
Jeremy Durm

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Jeremy consistently performs voices in the following categories and styles: promotional Video, uplifting, inspirational, gravitas, all-knowing, Voice of God, storyteller, story Telling, story Teller, healthcare, medicare, law firm, griot, champion, urban, African-American, corporate web video, guy next door, conversational, sincere, car dealer, college commercial, casual, web promo, believable, professional, classy, radio imaging, friendly, college promotional, inspiring, corporate, convincing, young, gravitas, baritone, warm, energetic, calm, on hold, soothing, conversational, product demo, positive, explanatory, explainer, training, corporate training, e-learning, educational, motion kinetype, casual, positive, corporate, wise, informed, fun, radio voice, reporter, announcer, wisdom, wise, warm, biotech, biomed, kickstarter, dry, witty, sarcastic, clear, believable, relatable, father, father-figure, senior, grandfather, internal video, television network imaging, caring, empathetic, airy, established, restrained, subtle, high, energy, millennial, sophisticated, goofy, conversational, pleasant, natural, soothing, assuring, straight-forward, irreverent, preacher, pastor, Christian, faith, principal, teacher, instruction, instructor, movie trailer, James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Dave Fennoy, Don LaFontaine, Al Chalk, Keith David, Samuel Jackson, Sam Jackson, Dennis Haysbert, Michael B. Jordan, Michael Clarke Duncan, Phil Lamarr, James Avery, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, intelligent, confident, tough, authority, genuine, hip, witty, humor, somber, video games, characters, cartoons, animation, Richard Epcar, D.C. Douglas, Lex Lang.

His voice style has been called: smooth, deep, conversational, regular guy, friendly guy, upbeat, happy guy, cool, laid back voice, refreshing voice, educational voice, on-hold, narration voice, explainer video voice, whiteboard animation voice.

Jeremy's voice is perfect for explainer videos, on hold messaging, conference announcer, conversational recordings, explainer video projects, white board animation, business tutorials, educational tutorials, how to videos, commercials, television commercials, radio commercials, Youtube commercials, Youtube videos, internet videos, e-learning, radio imaging, industrials, television promos, conversational, television narration, narrations, IVR prompts and more.

Can sound similar to: James Earl Jones, Dave Fennoy, Keith David, Al Chalk

Voice Style Type
Jeremy's voice is know as being: polished, soothing, conversational, warm, caring, voice of God, urban, African-American male, gravitas, helpful, exciting, caring, raspy, regular guy, compassionate, serious, sincere, conversational, educational, and relatable.

Jeremy's voice is often chosen for these categories: male 20's, male 30's, male 40's, male 50's, senior male, young male, young man and middle age male, African-American, Black, Urban, Southern, Southeastern US

Types of Projects Jeremy Has Completed:
Conversational, Toy voices, cartoon voice, educational video, on hold, legal video, medical video, medical narration, radio commercial, television commercial, youtube commercial, medical documentary, political documentary, training videos, on-hold, training scripts, mlm training, mlm tutorials, mlm promo, network marketing training videos, podcast, podcast intros, telephone on hold, character reads and more.


Completed technique training with the Such a Voice Voiceover program. Such A Voice's stated mission is to provide its participants with the framework necessary to thrive as a successful and profitable voice-over professional. Completed several hours of one-on-one voice technique training with multiple coaches.


I recently recorded a voiceover project in partnership with Human Being Productions in Baltimore, MD. Upon the project’s completion, the lead producer raved about my performance, stating: “We loved working with you, and will definitely keep you mind for future projects. You’re turnaround time and quality are fabulous!”


I'm a seasoned musician, producer, songwriter, singer, and teacher who's worked with several local and regional artists in a variety of capacities. My music production company (Midnite Michael Productions) is quickly becoming a preferred one-stop shop for quality productions in R&B, Gospel, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Blue