Jeffrey Machado

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"100% all-natural voice acting with nothing artificial added!"
Jeffrey Machado

I think the most unique thing about my work is that it's the product of such a wide variety of professional experience. I've had a long career in radio, both on-air and as a production director, but I've also worked for an advertising agency where I wrote commercial copy and directed the agency's audio/video projects, and I've had years of acting and voice training as well. Consequently, I have a better understanding of voice work from both the creative and production sides of the industry, I'm equally at home in the voice booth and the editing bay, and I have a realistic delivery honed by years of stage and improv work.


I learned the fundamentals of voice work from my career in radio, which began in 1992. Since then, I've refined my craft through extensive training in stage acting, improv, and vocal technique.


I'd say my biggest professional achievements so far are 1) becoming the brand voice for a local credit union in my hometown, because it gave me the courage to start my own voice acting business, and 2) voicing the main character in a video game called Face Noir, a huge job that took almost 20 hours to record. It's my highest-profile videogame job to date, and it gave me invaluable hands-on experience in the genre.


My years of work as a production director in radio and advertising have given me some pretty solid skills with audio editing. Over the years, I've mixed hundreds of radio spots, and I've developed a good ear for choosing the right sound effects and music to complement voice work. My singing, however, is best left in the shower!