Jeffrey Lemucchi

Jeffrey Lemucchi

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"Energy, Enthusiasm, Confidence"

My age demographic fits best into the 35-55 group.

My vocal range is baritone.

When it comes to commercials, promos, narrations, and audiobooks, I am a uniquely effective communicator. But what gives me the edge is my expertise in front of the camera as an actor, a former news anchor, and host. I give a voice to the story and create a safe place for the listener to emotionally connect.


I began voiceover in 1974. I have worked on radio and in television and have done countless commercials, promos and other voiceover projects over the years.
My primary VO coach is Marc Cashman. I have also received coaching and direction from Hilary Huber and Chuck Duran.

I have acting experience and have been trained by award-winning director David Rountree and SAG-award winner Geoffrey Blake of such titles as Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Godfather of Harlem, Charmed, and more.


Clients include Some of the clients I’ve done work for include Mercedes Benz, Craftsman, Auto Zone, Home Depot, Walgreen’s.

I have narrated several corporate presentations and have narrated nearly two dozen audiobooks for Beacon Publishing and other publishers.

I have served as executive producer on video projects for several major clients such as the Assemblies of God.


Not only do I perform voiceover, I am proficient at production. As a musician, I understand the nuances of tempo, timing, volume and other components that make up a solid finished product. I have produced hundreds of commercials and promos over the years.