Jarret Griffis

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"Versatile actor with that deep voice you're looking for!"
Jarret Griffis

I have a great vocal range and can perform with a variety of accents. I grew up in the Southern US near the Smokey Mountains, so I can do just about anything from Appalachia to a bonafide southern gentleman. Outside of that, my usual accent these days is Gen-Am and I'm currently working within spitting distance of Austin, TX. I especially enjoy character acting and and taking on challenging roles.


I attended university years ago and developed an interest in acting and technology. I am now a seasoned IT professional with many years of experience. I have used my technical knowledge to research and create an excellent recording space with industry standard equipment. Additionally, I've worked with other actors on various passion projects, and met up with fellow thespians to assess and critique presentation and delivery.


I have recorded several commercials, museum exhibits, video games and business presentations. Additionally, I have voiced multiple characters on various comic dubs and fan projects.


I'm happy to do some basic audio editing. Any files you get from me will be normalized and cleaned as much as possible for the best sound. Also, I'm happy to add in music and sound effects if there is a requirement for that, and so long as those files are provided.