Jane McIntyre

Jane McIntyre

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"Friendly, caring, professional or just fun."

Thousands might hear my work--but I'm always pitching to one. Whether it's a big brand selling their latest financial product to top dollar companies around the world, or a charity reaching out to that one desperate mum who needs a break, my voice reaches out to people, one at a time.

My background is as a Sony Gold Award winning newsreader and producer on BBC Radio. That means I'm happy, always, at a mic, and work fast, with speedy and intelligent sight-reading a speciality. But seven years on from that role, I've found my voice to be in demand by some major UK and global brands--including the NHS, the U.N, the BBC, Ikea, Emirates, McDonald's, Deloitte and more.

I pride myself on returning audio to clients on time, bang on brief, and with a smile. I guess that's why so many come back for more.


I first learnt how to use my voice in front of a live BBC Radio mic, reading the news. How to pitch a story; what tone to use to tell the listener about a major tragedy, a war, or a tear-jerkingly happy 'and finally..' . Also how to stay calm and talk to just one person at a time, no matter how many people were really out there. In a place like the BBC you get top level training courses and kit. The bar is set high.

Moving on to the voiceover industry, the first three things I did was to put everything I'd learned to one side. To park the 'newsreader' and pick up a wide range of new skills. How? I signed up for an intensive one day's course with two of the best in the business, Peter Dickson and Tanya Rich. Then signed up for more, with one to one coaching with Tanya. Work came in, sometimes into my own studio, often working online with directors or with a production team in their studio.

Whether it's in a recording studio, or reading feedback from a happy client (or even one who's rejected me....!) I never stop learning.


I guess the biggest 'brand' I've worked for has to be the United Nations...liaising with a top producer to narrate a film about a leading charity in Kenya. The same producer returned to me later for a similar narration role for another major charity making a pitch for funding. I'm heard on BBC Storyworks' film, 'My Dubai'. In the UK, the NHS has approached me several times to voice films on new projects, and major internal changes within the service. Ikea, McDonald's, Emirates, Deloitte, KPMG, and Nationwide and Pepper Banks are also on my client list. I've been working full time as a voiceover for seven years.


Not really! Just great quality recording, speedy editing, and listening closely to what my clients need.