J. Wesley Price

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"Warm, articulate. Business casual, with a tinge of refinement!"

My voice thrives in the mid range, but with a warm and soothing quality that works nicely for lucid, articulate expression. I default to a general North American accent that serves excellently for fiction and nonfiction alike. Although I have often defaulted to my "business casual" voice for audiobooks, I enjoy letting my voice take on a quirky, seasoned tone that sounds suitable for wizened cartoon characters, professors, and the like.


2 Years under the tutelage of Dr. Mitos Andaya (Athens, GA).


My voice-over work has been featured in a range of media, such as corporate / product promo videos for Percepto and Organic Destiny, YouTube videos, and audiobooks. I have worked as a voice-over artist / narrator through Amazon/Audible's ACX and produced multiple audiobooks for in60Learning, as well as a growing list of titles in varying genres, including history, business, and Christian novels.


I am a competent singer for most roles, with several years of experience singing in college while earning my music minor.