Isabella Flores

Isabella Flores

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"Conversational, friendly, warm, inviting"

Hi! My name is Isabella Flores, I'm a professional voiceover actor, and I’m here to help you! My voice is warm, friendly, conversational, and relatable, with just a touch of sarcasm - it was once described as "sarcastically wholesome". As a millennial voice artist, I bring a combination of youthfulness and maturity to my reads that fits what you're looking for in today's market. I can sound like your snarky best friend, or bring empathetic gravitas to serious copy. I specialize in fun, bubbly copy, and I love working in children's genres!

How I can help you:

I have my own, dedicated home studio and offer broadcast-quality audio. I can accommodate live directed sessions via ipDTL, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Phone Patch. I can usually offer same-day or 24 hour turnaround and I aim to be flexible on rates and budgets so we can find what works for both of us.

What I can play:

I can be your best friend, friendly co-worker, the girl next door, a young teacher, girlfriend, sassy babysitter, and more! For animation and video games I can perform a range of character voices, from a small child to your sweet grandma.

Outside of voiceover:

I’ve been through every level of The PIT’s improv program, so you can find me performing or jamming whenever I get the chance! I also had the pleasure of writing for an all-female comedy group, and I love to write both long- and short-form comedy. And, at the risk of revealing my extreme nerdiness, I’m currently playing in four D&D campaigns and I'm definitely ready to join another if you’re looking for a player!

If you’d like to contact me directly:
Visit my website at
Call or Text: (929) 219-8555


I started my training with Tish Hicks at the VO Dojo, and went through the entire 12-month Mystery to Mastery course, where we trained extensively in multiple genres, both through group sessions and private coaching. I also trained with Ronnie Butler in audiobooks, and continue to train and take masterclasses with producers and other industry professionals, from whom I've consistently received positive feedback and been "chosen" for their hypothetical roles.

I also have extensive acting training, as well as a BFA in Dance (although that hasn't been overly applicable in the world of voiceover).


I love to voice commercials, promos, e-learning, animation, audiobooks, explainer videos, telephone systems, video games, IVR, political, and apps. A recent project that I really enjoyed working on was a virtual tour of a high school's career academy, as they are currently unable to give live tours due to COVID-19.


I've completed the entire improvisation training program at The Peoples Improv Theater in NYC, so as an experienced improviser, I’m always ready (and excited) to mix it up in the booth.