Gerry Magnaye

Gerry Magnaye

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"I have just the right voice for your product adventure story"

VO for Radio Imaging
VO for Promos and Commercials
Medical & Pharmaceutical Voice Overs
Travel Narrations, and Destination Stories
Children's Books
Land & Lifestyle Marketing Videos
Explainers, Product Launch Videos, and other marketing materials that require a voice element


University Performance Theater Group
Professional Environmental Theater Company
Constant Work as VO for Radio Adverts & Promos
Directing & Producing Radio & other Audio Content for clients
My own live radio show


*not in any chronological order
CNN Philippines
Philippine Broadcasting Service
Starbucks Adverts (Philippine Franchise)
Dunkin' Donuts Phils
ABBOTT Laboratories
San Miguel Brewery
Magnolia Dairy Spread - Butter (Nestle Philippines)
Magnolia Flavor of the Month - Ice Cream
Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog
Palmolive Soap (Colgate Palmolive Philippines)
Jose Cuervo Tequila
Rexona Deodorant (Colgate Palmolive Philippines)
Pizza Hut (Philippine Franchise)
ABS-CBN Radio, TRBC, HBC, and other radio networks


If required, I can provide the appropriate (royalty-free) musical score, and even a few sound effect tracks, and then email a properly mixed & mastered soundtrack.