Garrett Kiesel

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"Your vision, my voice!"

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Garrett is the CEO of Kiesel Kreative. He started acting when he was very young and got involved in theatre in his community and through school.

His extensive voice-over training has been with top voice-over professionals, agents, and producers. He is currently a student under Brian Bremer, Judith Sullivan, Nazia Chaudhry, as well as Bob and September Day Carter who own The Neighborhood Studio Atlanta - a professional production house and training facility. Garrett is focusing his career on the ability to provide exceptional voice-over as well as excellent production services for film, TV, and radio.


Garrett has had many clients so far in his voice acting career - AT&T, Elephant Coupons, and WestRock to name a few. Most recently, Garrett's voice can be heard on the new Iron Man MK 50 Robot commercial by UBTECH.


Garrett has his own home professional studio and uses professional equipment. He works with Pro Tools as well as Adobe Creative Cloud.