Eva Savage

Eva Savage

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"Experienced VO with a warm and engaging tone"

My strengths lie in commercial, corporate, dubbing and audio drama work, but that's by no means an exhaustive list. Voiceover provides the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people from around the world. It's a privilege to team up with fellow creatives and together, immerse our listener in another world...whether that's for seconds or hours.

One thing I love about what I do is surprising people. When you say, "I didn't even know that's what we wanted", I know I've done my job properly! Unlocking something in the script you've created that might not be explicit in the lines, but has simply been hiding between them.

That's where acting and voiceover make the perfect partnership. Acting training helps you to create and free your imagination, whilst the anonymity of voiceover allows you to be brave and make bold choices. Having said that, sometimes your vision is razor sharp, and successfully bringing that to life can be just as fun!

Having a home studio set up means that your project can go from lying on the page in black and white, to jumping from that page in full colour in a matter of hours. Plus if you want to dial in so that we can collaborate together, it's always great to join forces!

Whether it's corporate or character work, on screen or live, scripted or improvised...let me help you tell your story.


2011-12, Drama Studio London, One Year Acting Course (including classes in Voice Over, Radio Drama and Audiobooks).


So far this year, I've had the pleasure of working on the following projects:

2020 Video Game - Lady of the Lake - King Arthur - Neocore Games
2020 Commercial - Huggies Tiniest Footprint Campaign - Kimberley Clark
2020 Corporate - Pfizer: Atopic Dermatitis - VSI London
2020 E-learning - International Women's Day - Click View

My commercial highs have been campaigns for Hotpoint, Intel, Hitachi, Tropicana, Invisalign, Quaker Oats, Etihad Airways and Nestea.

My corporate clients have included Estée Lauder, John Lewis, Morgan Stanley, GSK, Ernst Young and Southern Water; working on e-learning, staff training, animations and internal pitches. More recently, I've also been the voice of god for several conferences internationally, including the 2020 Global Sales Conference in Vancouver and the 2019 INSOL Conference in Singapore.

Character work allows me to combine my love of both voiceover and acting work, with my favourite projects to date being voicing a ruthless journalist called Clare Morley in TBC Audio's podcast 'Flight E456' and voicing Gwendolen Fairfax in audio production of 'The Importance of Being Earnest'.

Dubbing has presented wonderful opportunties in both narration and character work; narrating a series called 'Extraordinary Gardens' was truly enchanting, whilst voicing all the female drivers in series 2 of 'Truckers' was fun as I used the range of my voice to convey the differing personalities of each of the women.

And then there's been audiobooks, mindfulness exercises, safety induction manuals, airline safety announcements...every day is different!


As a professional actor, I've got lots of screen experience which includes presenting, corporate videos and short films.

In terms of presenting, this includes use of autocue, as well as having the propensity to learn lines very quickly or respond to changes on the fly.

If you'd like to see examples of my screen work, you can watch my showreels at www.evasavage.co.uk