Erin O'Flaherty

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"A clear, warm and youthful voice"

Erin's natural voice is clear, warm and youthful, with a bright tone to it. A skilled reader, Erin has a real love for words and language, and has an excellent ear for accents. Her natural accent is a general New Zealand accent, but she has flawless standard American and standard British accents. Other accents include, but are not limited, to: Australian, New York, Southern American, RP, cockney, Irish (Southern), Northern Irish. She is articulate, with a deep understanding of text, but also versatile in the characters and accents she can portray - she loves inhabiting different tones and experimenting with different voices. She is also a singer with a Mezzo-Soprano range and can speak Japanese to a conversational level.


The Actors' Program (2018) - a one-year intensive drama school which included VO training in professional studios.
Gravy for the Brain (2020)


Grace Designs Mysteries Books 1 & 2 (2023)
Dredge by Black Salt Studios - The Builder, The Researcher (2022)
Audiobooks for Globook (2022)
I Am Sitting in a Room - short audiobook (2021)
Beezley and the Witch Audiobook Trilogy (2020)
Amazon Prime - commercial
MPI - instructional
LFM - commercial


Singing - MezzoSoprano range
Japanese - conversational
Basic audio editing, mixing and mastering skills (using Reaper DAW)