Erick Emmanuel Escobar Hernández

Erick Emmanuel Escobar Hernández

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"A young man's voice that might be able to awake your imagination"

I have previously work as teacher before been a Voice Over Talent. I believe that to pronounce clearly and correctly every word is very important when sending a message to a specific audience.
I am also an actor and I have a bachelor degree in communications, so I understand the importance of catching and retaining other's attention through my voice and how to share different emotions: joy, anger, pride, patience, excitemente, sadness and whatever that is needed for your message to be correctly communicated to others.


I have a bachelor degree in communications by the University Anáhuac México. There i was formed as radio and TV host. I was also trained as dubbing actor on the optional assignments of the carreer. Finally I had a full semester of training to host radio programs and produce Voice Over for both radio and TV.

Later on 2012 I went on having a license from the Mexican Ministry of Education (SEP) to freely speak on radio and TV about general subjects -as a host-.
I started working as radio host in 2013 and that same year I also started working as Voice Over Talent for the Mexican Federal Government.


I've been VO talent for 7 years now. I have worked for NGO's, Government and private companies for radio, tv and internal spots.

Among my clients, i can enlist:

Coca-Cola Femsa, AB inBev, Grupo Modelo, Samsung, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Paribas Cardiff, Santander México, Rotoplas, Ministry of Communications and Transportations, Electoral court of the federal judiciary, SGS (Société Génerale de Surveillance), Rapiscan Systems, OSI International, and many others.


I can sing as a baritone, reaching some bass and tenor notes. I can translate scripts from English to spanish and viceversa.
I can produce simple music with guitar and piano. I can deliver produced audios.