Eric Holzhauer

Eric Holzhauer

Mitglied seit 9 Jahren •
"Translating your business into nice communication."

Hello; I am Eric Holzhauer, a professional native Dutch born and speaking voiceover for more than 15 years, with my own professional studio 24/7 available, where also the demo is recorded.
My main sound is 'business' and 'friendly official'.
Located in Zeewolde, near Amsterdam in The Netherlands; I have a good availability and can deliver audio within 12 to 24 hours after any order.
I have recorded voiceovers for Nationale Nederlanden, BNR Nieuwsradio, Microsoft, instructional videos, film narrations, deep voice film trailers and many more.
Also, I am professional copywriter and can help in case of any translation-challenges to good, natural, native Dutch.

phone: +31 10 4124555 / +31 619 600 285
website:, (my mediafacilities company)


Many years of experience in many styles and formats; mainly suited for friendly business communication.


A few examples:

stationvoice BNR Nieuwsradio (24/7 national business channel, 4 yrs)

stationvoice Radio Decibel (hitradio, 5 yrs)

stationvoice Stadsradio Rotterdam (10 yrs)

stationvoice Megastad FM (4 yrs)

stationvoice Paradise FM Curacao (4 yrs)

event voice-overs prestigious BID Awards (yearly)

daily national evening tv-show Big Diet SBS (90 days nonstop prime time)

TV Shop Europe RTL4 / Eurosport / Net5 / TMF / Discovery (10 yrs)

Broad range of local & national commercials like Tango (fuelstations), Nationale Nederlanden (insurance), Kruidvat (drugstores), Bruynzeel Keukens (kitchens), Media Markt (electronics), Free Record Shop (cd's and games), Lebara Mobile (telecom), TROS, NPO, SKY, RTL, 100%NL (national broadcasters) and many more.


Great sounding tube microphone, all recordings edited and ready to use, Skype for livesessions, studio also available for live sessions with other voiceovers.