Enzo Spreafico

Enzo Spreafico

Mitglied seit 8 Jahren
"italian voice talent"

My voice is considered deep,warm, cool and dynamic,versatile and suitable for characterization


Various schools of theater and drama.


In voice over market since 1990
Works for national televisions and radios.
references audio and videospot:
Edison,Pirelli, Airoh, Chicco d'oro,IIT,Unicef, Iper, Iperal, Bennet,David Ross,Fiat,Termokind, Il Gigante, Coiter,Filca ,Kong ,Carnini, Cemb, Imetec,Girmi,Ubs, P&G,Suzuki


I like playing with the voice , with the dialects ( Milan , Rome , Tuscany , Piedmont , Liguria , Sicily ) and accents ( German, Russian , English, French ) I enjoy a lot !