Elsa Levytsky

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"Deep, Sultry, Commanding or Childish, Silly and Fun"
Elsa Levytsky

My voice is capable of adapting to many different roles from very youngchildish to smooth, commanding, sultry adult female voices. I can work with cartoon characters and have even performed as 8 different female characters for a single independent video game. My voice can also change dramatically to offer clear, professional narrations for documentary films, commercials, audio tapes, etc. I have a crisp, feminine speaking voice, which can be entirely altered to sound silly, fun, and even boyish.


After over 8 years of freelance voice over work, I've trained my voice through experimentation and auditioning for work.


I've worked as a voice over artist for well over 8 years now. What began as a hobby very quickly turned into paid work. I've done everything from video games, indie cartoons, to professional/commercial work for Bed Bath and Beyond, jet.com and more.


I have the Adobe suite and can provide post-production support.