Edoardo Prelle

Mitglied seit 6 Monaten
"The right voice if you aim to make a mark on your audience!"

I'm Edoardo Prelle, a young Italian Voiceover Actor and Radio Host!

My voice can be described as youthful, sensual, deep, energetic, fresh and versatile, so I can meet all your demands by recording with different types of voices (happy, warm, deep, sexy, sad or energetic and bright).


2019 - 2022 Theater and dubbing course at O.D.S. school in Turin, Italy

2022 - Individual training with professional voice actors.


I have been active in advertising dubbing since 2019, and actively working as a radio host in a national Italian radio station.

My voice has been chosen by brands such as Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Wayap, Noebis Pharma, Imelo and many more, for local and national advertising campaigns!


I have a deep voice despite being young, thus ranging between characterizing voices of children, adults and the elderly, as well as being able to act in Piedmontese dialect and do imitations of famous people.