Declan McHugh

Declan McHugh

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"English accent: friendly, warm, trustworthy, soothing, husky."

Hello from London!

Although I've just recently joined Bodalgo, I've been working hard on other platforms.

In 2020 I booked Voice-over jobs in the following genres:


I'm passionate about voice-over work, and my

I have an excellent work ethic - I don't believe in clock-watching. In other words, I work on the project until the client is satisfied.


I spent 10 years as an actor (mainly Shakespeare plays and a couple of short TV appearances), and had my Equity card.

I’ve also previously been a Tour Guide, using my voice to engage, thrill, inform and entertain. I have been highly praised for my story-telling abilities.

I’ve spent two years at Guy Michaels’ ‘Voiceover Kickstart’, and been one of the most active members.

Guy Michaels did my Corporate Voice Reel, a snippet of which - ‘Adventure Playground’ – is the second track on the Voice-Over compilation.

For the last nine months at ‘Gravy for the Brain’, I’ve worked with Mike Cooper, received online mentoring from Bev Standing, received the thumbs up from well-known sound engineer Rob Bee (meaning he says my Booth sound is professional quality), etc.


In 2020 so far I've had 18 clients ; many are small companies in the Indian subcontinent, with others from either America/Africa/Europe.

These companies included IPAK (Indonesia), Native English Academy Valencia (Spain), UPVC (Scotland), The Minack Theatre (Cornwall, England); TTCryptoscope (Africa). Flatsite (USA). Second Earth (USA). and the Simple Meditations YouTube Channel, etc.

I've had excellent feedback and Testimonials:
TTCryptoscope : "Great job! No need for any correction. He's very professional, polite and knows his craft".
Flatsite: "Great Experience. Great Quality. Very supportive".
Minack Theatre "Very professional"
Second Earth Internet Commercial : "It was a long project and he handled it perfectly".
Poetry job: "Very professional and very high quality!"

Highlights so far in my voice career have been my voice-over for the highly complex 4 ½ minute commercial for the ‘Second Earth’ Virtual Reality Internet Commercial, a snippet of which is the first track on my Voice Reel.

Also a 6 ½ minute meditation voice-over for the 'Simple Meditations' YouTube channel, a snippet of which is the third track on my Voice Reel.


With my Degree in English, I am always willing to lend a hand with copy if the client desires it.