Dayeanne Hutton

Dayeanne Hutton

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"Youthful whimsy, your awkward Disney Princess."

I have often been applauded for my ability to make characters youthful, yet grounded. It is so much fun to breath life into the more realistic characters that have become so popular the last decade. My singing is also an aspect that I believe makes me unique. I have often been compared to Disney Princesses in former projects, which is no shock since I grew up singing along with them! Also, despite my natural chirpy and upbeat tone, many of my projects have found me as downtrodden youths, or emo-goth type girls, which just shows the fun range I can play.


Studied voiceover at Columbia College Chicago
Voiceover with Reed Rudy
Voiceover with Charlie Adler
Workshop with Jamie Mortellaro


My largest project to date has been my work on Square Enix and DONTNOD's BAFTA winning video game - Life is Strange. I am the voices of Kate Marsh, Alyssa and Juliet in the fan-loved series. The response of the fans was overwhelming, and still to-date I have them on my side, supporting all my work since the game's release. They are also incredible companies to work for; I have since hosted live streams of Life is Strange 2 at the Square Enix offices, as well as attended conventions such as E3 through them. I have also recorded a local radio commercial for a San Diego bank, as well as participated in a Nerd Noir Podcast, Harley Hooman as Vanessa Viper, the tragic and complicated villainess!


I am a trained singer (mezzo-soprano) and can be found singing in many of my on-camera projects, such as the CWs I Ship It (Superfans episode) as well as in the Emmy Winning series Emma Approved, available on YouTube.