David Wandelt

David Wandelt

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"Adult male, 35-60. Clear and precise but never stiff or stodgy."

My primary niche is corporate (explainer/narration), but I also love to do commercials in conversational or character reads. My smooth baritone gives your message life but classy life. That said, if your script calls for it, I have no problem with putting in as much energy and grit as you need. My byword: Voice acting should be fun! I find even intense work like corporate narration to be invigorating. And my customers keep coming back for more.


I worked in broadcasting for around five years, but was never satisfied with the skill level I achieved there. For years, I would listen to commercials on radio and T.V. and think, "I could do better!" and "He threw that line away!" So I signed up for a year-long course of coaching sessions that averaged one per month, with various coaches, through VO Heroes. Since then I've had individual sessions with Mary Lynn Wissner, Marc Cashman and David Goldberg, plus taken direction from the very capable Chuck Duran, who I enjoyed working with immensely.

Real voiceover is about acting. That's my forté, and I love it!


I now am the primary voice for the corporate communications organization of Bank of New York Mellon, for their internal and customer-facing videos. I have produced ten videos and interactive presentations for them, and they are planning more.

Before moving into voice-over in a serious way, I did a lot of work in I.T. as a systems engineer, architect and technical writer. I enjoy writing and voicing product training, employee safety videos and trade-show marketing loops. My web site has a long list of clients.


Have a script that sounds "stiff"? I can work with you to make it much more conversational. And I'll help make your heavy technical topics more accessible to a wider audience, too. My background in conducting training makes it easy for me to put myself virtually in a classroom setting, to make it real.