David Oyuke

David Oyuke

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"Warm, Inviting, conversational-English (Neutral, African)Swahili"

As an award winning poet and creative, I see copy as more than words to be read and more about properly representing the imaginative process. I also use my 10 year experience as a broadcaster to understand the way the copy is trying to speak and then convey that with the best representation of the script in diverse genres. These have been some of the biggest assets I have had as a voice over professional and all my clients over the past 10 years attest to the same. I would love to help you communicate your vision and imagination .


I received my training from working for professional radio and TV promo and commercial directors since 2012 due to my work in broadcast media as a presenter and later on a station voice.


I have worked on amazing projects such as the "can beauty go green" project with National Geographic and Garnier UK, I have worked for organizations such as the World Bank, African Development Bank, Netflix, Total, Uber, Coca Cola, Qatar Airways, IFPRI, AGRA, African Union and many more.


I can write copy and produce the audio to broadcast quality, add SFX, master the vocals etc.