David Howell

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"Dave has a strong authoritative voice with just a hint of Texas"
David Howell

Dave is a proud 3rd generation Texan. As a young boy he would listen to the recitations that the C&W stars would record and memorize them. Then he would recite them at family get-togethers doing his best to recite them just as he had heard them. This, unknowingly to him at the time, helped to train his voice for what he does today. He spent some time on stage as an actor around the Houston area. Now he’s devoted himself fully to voice acting. Dave loves life, family, and a glass of Crown with a good cigar when relaxing.


Got his training from a local talent here in Houston James Conlan


Unfortunately at this point I have none but I refuse to give up because I think I have a the right voice for someone I just have to wait for my shot.


I've been an actor on stage and a singer