Danny Watts

Danny Watts

Mitglied seit 6 Jahren •
"Rich, warm full of resonance but very versatile"

Naturally, I have a deep, warm and earthy tone with great resonance. However, my versatility to provide a variety of character voices is evident through my gaming voice reel.

I enjoy the deeper range of the vocal spectrum but equally love transforming my voice from an excitable kid to an old man, or maybe an ogre, a tree or a cartoon fox!


My training has come from years of performing behind the mic as a singing front man and guitarist in various bands for the last 25 years.

However, my most valuable training has been spent learning on the job as a story-telling "cool" dad to my children. The most honest of critics!


My favourite job so far was via VCCP for Drambuie. The agency used my voice for 2 consecutive years for the launch of the new Drambuie bottle in two international campaigns, being shown across a broad spectrum of media from cinema to online.


I have my own recording studio with sound booth where I record my spoken voice, but also my singing voice too. I also write, record and produce a variety of music from pop and hard rock to contemporary classical.