Daniel Sikaridis

Daniel Sikaridis

Mitglied seit 8 Jahren
"Outstanding Greek Voice Overs"

Lively, humurous as well as corporate voice overs and narration in Greek language. I'm working as a voice actor since 1995. I'm a radio presenter, radio DJ and for the past five years music manager for a music radio station in Thessaloniki, Greece. I've also worked as a script writer for T.V. shows.

Your radio advertisment, your jingle, your audio book will come alive with my voice. My voice will boost your script to another level.

Feel free to direct me through the process of recording.


1 year private lessons with a voice coach-actor. 20 years experience as a voice actor and radio presenter.


I was an owner of a creative agency and recording studio for radio commercials and jingles, from 1995 to 1999. Since 1999, I am a radio presenter and manager of post production and voice over studio of my local FM radio.
I gave my voice to literally hundreds og radio commercials and jingles.
I wrote, did the voice overs and produced ringtones and ringback tones for the three major mobile communcation companies in Greece, Vodaphone, Cosmote and Wind.