Dan Gates

Dan Gates

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"Youthful, energetic, warm and friendly."

My voice range is extremely versatile. I can shape my voice to suit whatever the project requires. Whether it's a warm, conversational tone, authoratative or energetic and excitable.

My ability to embody various characters is strong and my accent range is above the 20 mark (that I can do confidently). My natural British is relaxed well spoked, as is my General American.

Commercial and Corporate work allow my personality to shine through in its purest form. My flexibility puts me at an advantage and most importantly, I love what I do and take pride in my work.


I have a background in Theatre. I studied in Stratford upon-Avon and went onto working in live theatre and musical theatre both in the UK, United states and Japan.

I began voiceovers after mastering audio production through musical means. I taught myself through trial and error and it paid off as I'm very capable of producing and mixing my own recording sessions from my home studio.

I have recieved both voice and accent training by the illustrious Yvonne Morley of "Your voice box".

I have also received one on one coaching by Nick Clinch at Notable Voices. A top voiceover coach in London who has worked with tons of talent.

By working on professional projects for various clients, I have met different directors and also learned a lot whilst on the job. Simply put, my time in the voice industry itself has been short but fruitful.


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I compose music, play piano, guitar and I sing. I also mix and master everything I record.