Damien Davis

Mitglied seit 4 Jahren
"Rich. Textured. Gravitas. Urban. Versatile."

My super power is listening, making the adjustment and delivering. I can be smooth, authoritative, emotive, funny, urban and announcer like (evidenced in demo).


Combination of private lessons, casting director training & evaluation, onsite PR & Advertising agency internal & client work experience, natural talent, passion and great benefit of insight and direction from voice over, actor, singer and performer associates.


Traditionally book with advertising and pr marketing agencies (Havas, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi Rowland) primarily pharmaceutical space both client and internal marketing with a few packaging and non-profit organization commercial, industrial & promotional (web, tv, radio, presentation).


I sing in an acapella group, work in film (pre, production, post) and an agency graphic designer by trade for a very long time.